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April 2009

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All the leaves are golden and the sky is still blue ! Isn't that what they say about autumn? The nights are getting colder and most days are still beautiful and sunny. I attended an Australian Insitute of Company Directors lunch last Friday where the guest speaker was Westpacs Chief Economist Bill Evans. The thrust of his speech was that Australia is in recession and the recovery is likely to be slow. All the more reason to cultivate your contacts and turn them into referral goldmines ! More on the Bill Evans speech below.
Also in this months newsletter Dr Ivan Misner finds out he's an introvert. We have a contribution from Lindsay Adams about the arrival of the Referral Institute in Australia. Also there's your chance to "Eat That Frog" with Mark Garbelotto, one of the featured speakers at the BNI National Conference in July. In addition, there is news of how your chapter is progressing in the BNI Tasmania Chapter Challenge.
Enjoy this month's Newsletter. Regards,

Dan Garlick
Executive Director, BNI Tasmania

BNI Australasian Conference - Members Welcome!

The BNI Australia National Conference is being hosted in Townsville this year on the 16th & 17th of July.
Unlike previous National Conferences where BNI has run a Members day for local members only, members from all around Australia are invited to attend this year.
The Special Guests at this years conference include BNIs Founder and Chairman
Dr Ivan Misner, Mark Garbelotto an accredited Brian Tracy Master Trainer and Mike Macedonio & Dawn Lyons from the Referral Institute.
Events include a Networking Mixer, a day of Seminars presented by the above guests, an Ask the Founder session with Dr Ivan Misner and a Black Tie Charity Ball on the Friday night
to finish it up. Everyone should have received an invitation from Frederick Marcoux (BNI Australia National Director) by now. If you havent contact Dan Garlick to send you one.
It would be great to see some BNI Tasmania Members there and a great way to get away from the cold for a few days and claim it as a business expense!

"The Gift of Independence is yours to Give"

Did you know that in Australia 1 in 400 babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy ? As yet there is no available cure and for most the cause is unknown.

Although it is a lifelong disability, much can be done to reduce the impact of cerebral palsy. It is important for children to receive support from an early age to ensure they have every opportunity to reach their full potential. The right therapy and equipment can make all the difference.

Our Tassie kids are just like other children but will need just that little extra support to go the distance.

Seeing the smiles is the result of Cerebral Palsy Tasmanias work in the community to give hope, mobility and communication independence to those living with a disability.

For a monthly pledge of just $10, which doesnt even equate to a cup of coffee a week, you can help to make a real difference to those in need and together we can help to Keep the Laughter Alive...

Donate Now
Click Here !

OMG - I'm an Introvert
OK, if you dont know what OMGmeans, ask a teenager (thats how I learned what it meant).

By Dr Ivan Misner, Founder & Chairman of BNI.

Dr Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNINow lets talk about the introvert thing.
My wife and I were having a relaxing dinner one night recently. We were sitting around the kitchen table talking when I made some off-handed comment about being an extrovert (it fit into the context of the conversation). She looked over at me and said, Uhh, honey, I hate to break it to you, but youre an introvert. I smiled and said, Yeah, sure, Im an introvert (insert laugh track here). She then looked at me quite earnestly and said, No, really
youre an introvert. I protested strongly. I said, Come on, Im a public speaker and founder of the worlds largest networking
organizationIm not an introvert! I cant be. I mean, youre jokng, right? She absolutely insisted that I was an introvert and proceeded to share with me all the ways that I have introverted tendencies.
Well, I have to admit I was taken back by this. All the examples she gave were true, but I still couldnt believe I am an introvert.
On the other hand, weve been married for 20 years. I mean, theres a chance she might actually know me pretty well. So off I went the next day to do some research. I did an internet search and found a test that tells you whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Was I in for a shock. The test said that I was a situational extrovert! It explained that I was something of a loner who was reserved around strangers but very outgoing in the right context. It was at that moment that I said, OMG, Im an introvert!?
In the haze of my surprise, some very important things came into clarity for me. It struck me why I started the BNI networking organization more than two decades ago. I was naturally uncomfortable meeting new people. This approach created a system
It struck me why I started the BNI networking organization more than two decades ago. I was naturally uncomfortable meeting new people. that enabled me to meet people in an organized, structured, networking environment
that did not require that I actually talk to strangers.
OMG, Im an introvert!
When I visit regions of BNI, I ask my director to have someone walk me around and introduce me to visitors and members so that I can connect with as many people as possible.
But in reality, its because Im uncomfortable walking around introducing myself alone. OMG, Im an introvert!
I realized that the whole notion of acting like the host, not the guest and volunteering to be the ambassador at a chamber event or the visitor host at a BNI group were all the ways I used to move around more comfortably at networking events, not just ways that I recommended for those poor
introverts out there to network. OMG, I am an introvert.
Who would have thought? Well, OK, besides my lovely wife. Now more than ever, I truly believe that whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can be good at networking. Both have strengths and weaknesses.
If you can find ways to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, anyone can be a great networker.
How about you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert, and how do you use that in your networking?
Dr Ivan Misner will be attending our BNI Australia National Conference in Townsville this July. Book into one of his sessions if you wish to meet him.
Called The Father of Modern Networking by CNN, Dr. Ivan Misner is a New York Times bestselling author. He is the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the worlds largest business networking organization. His latest book The 29% Solution can be viewed at
Dr. Misner is also the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute, an international referral training company.


BBX is your answer to new customers

We're now taking BBX dollars for BNI memberships.
To find out more about BBX contact Dan Garlick on

BBX is a credit and debit card system (similar to other card systems) that enables businesses to access a variety of goods and services without the need for hard earned cash, in a less competitive market place. BBX offers a range of financial benefits not usually found in traditional markets or offered by other card payment systems.
Founded in 1993, BBX currently services about 5,000 member businesses in Australia and New Zealand, representing over 10,000 individual cardholders.
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Lindsay Adams - National Director of the Referral InstituteThe worlds leading referral training organisation has arrived in Australia.

Lindsay Adams The referral institute was born out of the business networking group, BNI. BNIs founder Dr Ivan Misner, Art Radke and Michael Garrison developed a range of referral training programs as early as 2002, these programs evolved over a number of years until in November 2005, the Referral Institute brand was created and cemented into business history.
Today the Referral Institute is thriving in nine other countries around the world and now it has launched in Australia. The National Director, Lindsay Adams is working alongside BNI Executive Directors to deliver the unique and informative training programs to BNI members and other business people across Australia.

BNI members especially know the power of doing business by referral. Our programs show business people how to identify referral partners and train them to systematically bring you more business. I describe this as a high tech laser beam approach rather than the old farming method most business people apply, where they scatter lots of networking seeds across the business field hoping that one day one or more of them will grow and mature into a business opportunity says Adams.

Dan Garlick, Executive Director of BNI Tasmania recognised the power of the Referral Institute programs when he met recently with Lindsay Adams in Hobart. The beauty of these programs is that they will take our BNI members to the next level in their skill and ability to build better business by referral says Garlick The referral partner concept is brilliant and so simple yet powerful he said.

Recognising the need for detailed and systematic referral marketing training Garlick is promoting a series of training events in Association with Lindsay Adams and the Referral Institute. He will be offering two programs, Referral Success101 and Referral Pipeline in May 2009.

Referral Success 101 as the name implies is an introductory program designed to raise participants awareness to the possibilities of in depth referral marketing training. It focuses on the development of a referral marketing plan for your business. Participants will drill down to identify who is part of their strategic referral network, who should be in it, how to find them and how to motivate these people to refer more business to you.

The Referral Pipeline program takes participants to the next level, as they will leave this one day program with scheduled appointments worth real dollars to their bottom line. In a recent program in Brisbane 12 participants walked out of the training room at the end of one day with $52,800 worth of appointments already made, just waiting to be converted. Participants bring a referral partner with them to the program, a referral partner is someone they are already doing business with or perhaps someone they would like to do business with. They will learn how to use the RISE2TM strategy to Identify, Strategize and Execute a process that will efficiently generate enough referrals to completely fill up their sales pipeline!

Most business owners dont even know how many appointments per week they should be making in order to generate their sales targets for their business says Adams We show them a simple formula that will allow them to identify how many extra sales they want to make and how to make those sales a concrete reality.

Building business using this system sure beats cold calling and a small business can be kept permanently in work with as few as five trained referral partners. If you systematically work at it over a twelve month period, its highly likely that you wont need any other sort of promotion for your business and you will still have a constant flow of referrals and sales flowing through your door. He says.

Business owner Rohan Toll from the Gold Coast spent a lot of time and money on marketing until he found out about referral marketing by attending the Referral Pipeline program. He is a training consultant and provides training services and support to the long term unemployed. He now finds about 70% of his business through referrals.

If you are interested in building your business by referral you must come along to one of these programs, or check out the website 

Details are as follows:

Referral Success 101
Thursday 28th May 6pm 8pm
Cost $25 for BNI Members (Normally $69)
Mercure Hotel, 156 Bathurst St, Hobart

Referral Pipeline
Friday 29th May 9am 5pm
Cost $399 per person
Mercure Hotel,156 Bathurst St, Hobart

For more information about the programs go to The Referral Institute 

For any enquiries talk to:

Lindsay Adams 0438 180 358
Visit the Referral Institute website at
or contact
Dan Garlick 0400 935 665 
About the author: Lindsay is the National Director of the Referral Institute in Australia and New Zealand. He has worked with sales teams, individual entrepreneurs and business owners across Australia and New Zealand. He won't just tell you the principles of Referral Marketing without helping you put them in action. His training methods and follow-up advice help you and your team apply life and business changing principles to word of mouth marketing for long term success and goal fulfilment.
Lindsay is a Past National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA) and the President Elect of the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS). He holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation recognised by those organisations. CSP means Certified Speaking Professional, the highest membership category of the NSAA and IFFPS and the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers. This designation guarantees that you receive a professional presentation every time.


Eat That Frog !

If you can't make it to the BNI Members Day at the BNI National Conference in Townsville in July here's your chance to catch Mark Garbellotto, one of the featured speakers, right here in Tasmania during May.

Discover How Mark Can Show YOU The Brian Tracy Principles That Have Helped Over 4 Million People Worldwide Achieve Their Goals...

Eat That Frog Training Workshop
Launceston, TASMANIA.

Date: 14th May 2009.

Cost: $397 1 Seat.

"Eat That Frog" High Performance Time Management One Day Workshop REVEALED!

Discover The Simple 21 Step System To Master Your Time...And How To Achieve All Of Your Goals Than Ever Before By Using This High Performance Time Management System...That Has Been Proven To Help Over 1 Million People Worldwide In 27 Languages.
This event is written by Mr. Brian Tracy and presented by Mr Mark Garbelotto, a Master Brian Tracy International Trainer.

Book Now for the "Eat That Frog" Training Workshop. Click Here!


Book of the Month

Truth or Delusion

Turth or Delusion - Busting Networkings Biggest Myths

Truth or Delusion, Busting Networking's Biggest Myths co-authored by Ivan Misner, Mike Macedonio, and Mike Garrison.
In this book we tackle 49 questions and/or myths about networking and show how they are in fact "truth" or "delusion".
Truth or Delusion? If you provide good customer service, people will refer business to you.
This one's a delusion. Many, many entrepreneurs think that good customer service is the number-one way to cultivate word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. But it's not! It's a good policy and one that's vital to the health of your business, but it's not at the core of building a referral-based business.
People have come to expect good customer service. In fact, they demand it in today's marketplace. When considering customer service and its role in the referral process, it unfortunately works much more effectively in reverse: People are more likely to talk about your business when they're unhappy with you than when they're happy with your service.
So if you want to build your referrals, you must actively cultivate your referral sources and not rely on good customer service alone.

Order your copy now
Copies now available for only $30 plus $5 for postage

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Do you think that would make a difference?
With this incredible tool, not only can you remember people and share appreciation, you can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference. Here is the interesting thing, the more you do this, the more you realize that you, the sender of these cards, benefit the most. Send Out Cards are changing people's lives for good one simple card at a time.
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Send Out Cards is a BNI endorsed programme
If you would like to contribute an article and promote your business to over 500 subscribers next month please send an email to with the subject line "Article for Tasmanian Networker"

Economic recovery likely to be slow  - Westpacs Bill Evans

A leading Australian banker has confirmed what Tasmanians already know, that is Australia is already in recession.

Presenting his economic forecast at a business lunch on Friday April 24th hosted by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Westpacs global economics spokesman and respected media economics forecaster, Bill Evans said Australias economy would further contract in 2009 while it suffers the impact of the worlds worst recession in 70 years.

Mr Evans said that while the recession was already here, Australia had used aggressive fiscal and monetary policy to do better than the G7 nations.

This success is expected to be sustained through 2009 since there is still ample scope to cut  interest rates and raise spending, Mr Evans said.

Economic recovery is likely to be slow and painful with fiscal policy the key.

Australia will be affected by contracting investment and rising unemployment.

Mr Evans predicted interest rates would fall further this year to two per cent, and were unlikely to rise before 2011.

Rate cuts and price declines will sharply improve housing affordability in 2010.  At the same time house prices are unlikely to decline sharply as affordability improves, Mr Evans said.

For Tasmania, Mr Evans said there would be a contraction in business investment as well as a tight credit situation.

He said the global tourism downturn would affect Tasmania but the housing outlook for the State was encouraging.
About Bill Evans:
Mr Evans joined Westpac in 1991 in the position of Chief Economist and Head of Research.
During his time at Westpac he has also spent two years in New Zealand as Head of the Institutional Bank with responsibility for Westpacs corporate and financial markets businesses.

Mr Evans is Westpacs Managing Director Economics and is the Banks economic spokesman responsible for all of the Banks economic and capital markets research, in addition to advising the Board on economic issues. He travels frequently, advising Westpacs customers on the Australian economy and financial markets.  He has developed many important contacts in the US Europe and Asia.


BNI Tasmania Chapter Challenge

New Members: Welcome to new members in April.

Andrew Batge - Southern Air - BNI Discover
Bruno Palermo - Capital3 Accounting - BNI Derwent
Charmaine De Villiers - Go Dive Tasmania - BNI

Christopher Blom - Fabric-Eight - BNI York
Dean Young - Glenorchy Officesmart - BNI Discover
Dianne Adams - Heavenly Shoes & Accessories - BNI Bowen
Gary Pitchford - Pace Financial - BNI Royale
Jane Williams - Mercure Hotel - BNI Derwent
John Farrell - ANCA Insurance - BNI Mersey
Libby Todd - Nurse Care Personnel - BNI York
Matthew Bricknell - MBF Health Insurance - BNI Derwent
Nick Scott - Foot & Playsted - BNI York
Paul Connelly - Complete Stationery & Office Supplies - BNI York
Paul Graham - Graham Family Funerals - BNI Bowen
Dr Pauline Enright - Socratic Solutions - BNI Discover
Pete Wierenga - 145 Financial - BNI York
Phil O'Brien - Plexus Computing - BNI York
Robyn Storey - Telepresent - BNI Royale

Sharlene Hardy - Sherwood Business Services - BNI Mersey

Please make them welcome and view what they can do for you via the BNI Trade Directory.

- Member Recognition

Stefan Sikora - BNI Gold Club memberCongratulations to Stefan Sikora of BNI Royale for achieving the prestigious Gold Club status.
Stefan has invited many visitors and has personally sponsored six new members into BNI.
Stefan will be awarded his Gold Club Members badge on Thursday.





Chapter Stats: Most chapters are experiencing good growth rates due to application of the basics of BNI - attend, refer, invite.


- Chapter Growth

BNI Royale has added 8 new members to take the honours for largest chapter growth since the start of the year. BNI Derwent has added 7 while BNI York has added 6. Members should note the only way to grow your chapter is to find out what businesses would help your fellow chapter members and then invite those people. And keep on doing it !

- Closed Business

BNI Mersey (Devonport) has cracked the million dollar mark of closed business submitted so far this year. What a fantastic result ! They get the big Thumbs Up ! The best of the rest are BNI York with nearly $280,000 and BNI Derwent with $198,000.
Members should make sure to keep putting in their closed business forms as the results are a great tool to use to market your chapter to potential members.
Newer members who want some of this business should work on doing as many Dance Cards as possible.

  2008 Jan-Apr 2009
BNI Clarence $1,139,381 $127,289
BNI Discover $1,127,457 $138,374
BNI Derwent $964,809 $198,324
BNI Mersey $884,938 $1,044,364
BNI York $692,193 $279,889
BNI Royale $371,542 $120,412
BNI Lomond * $347,171 NIL
BNI Seacoast $182,823 $136,751
BNI Wellington * $153,318 NIL
BNI Bowen $43,359 $46,163

* Closed chapters

Upcoming Events


The next date for MSP in Hobart is Monday 4th May. MSP will be held in other centres as required during May.

 LT Training

For those leadership team members who require training please contact your chapter director to arrange a training session. Strong, well trained leadership teams are part of strong healthy chapters !

Advanced MSP

Advanced MSP workshops are available to your chapter now on the following topics:

* Chapter Cycles & Zones
* Dance Cards
* The Referral Mindset
* Sales Manager Minutes
* Power Teams
* Metcalfs Law
* 10 Minute Presentations
* How to Attract Visitors

Please view the website at for a comprehensive list of upcoming events.

Planned New Chapters

We're always looking to help businesses by starting a new chapter in your area. If this interests you please contact Dan Garlick, Executive Director, BNI Tasmania by email.

Below is a list of planned new chapters which will be driven by interest.

BNI Anglia - New Norfolk/ Derwent Valley

BNI Blackwood - Smithton

BNI Wellington - Kingborough/Channel

BNI Huon - Huon Valley

BNI Leven - Ulverstone

BNI Majestic - Eastern Shore - Hobart

BNI Pembroke - Sorell

BNI Suncoast - St. Helens

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BNI is a professional business networking organisation that allows only one representative from each business or profession to join any of its chapters.
The sole purpose of the BNI chapter is to generate more business for its members.
BNI is the most successful business referral organisation in the world with 111,170 members in over 5,305 chapters in 40 countries.

BNI Tasmania
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